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WordPress 2.7 Continues to Amaze

For those unfamiliar with WordPress, it is the CMS / Blogging platform used by many mortgage and real estate sites (including this one) and non-real estate related sites from the New York Times to PerezHilton.com.

A while back I wrote a piece regarding WordPress 2.5 and was a bit confused at some of the steps WordPress was taking in re-arranging elements of the backend that are used for administering your WordPress blog. While some of the steps were not exactly in the right direction, they were the beginning of an overall shift in stategy in how the WordPress dashboard is laid out and how users can access their WordPress data.

Since that time, WordPress has continued to make changes and WordPress 2.7 is shaping up to be a very beautiful and advanced part of this evolutionary process. At 2.5 I was not sure I trusted the direction WP was going, now I can say that I can’t wait to see what they build in the coming months and years. Not only is WordPress continuing to build out the WordPress featureset, they are making acquistions where necessary as was the case with PollDaddy and IntenseDebate.

I’m loving the soon to be released dashboard, what are your thoughts? You can read more here.

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  1. Barry Cox says:

    I can’t wait to give wordpress a go. I’m having a new blog/site built with WordPress right now. I was going to go with Drupal, but for a hack like me, WordPress seemed the obvious choice. Can’t wait to get it live!

  2. This really sounds very interesting.The stat part seems to be the best as we don’t have to rely on third party trackers.
    Any major security issue with 2.6? why is 2.7 coming so fast ?

  3. I wonder why WP is the more popular blogging platform for business site owners? I’m not very much familiar with WP as I don’t have a blog myself. Something’s good always comes up after an improvement, and WP users will surely benefit from this.

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