Do You Have an Online Mortgage Sales Toolkit?

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Ever notice you are answering the same questions, explaining the same mortgage or real estate concepts, overcoming the same objections on every sales call? Meanwhile, the market is not doing you any favors by adding very unique and confusing complexity.

For some folks this may be frustrating. It certainly slows down the sales cycle. However, complexity and volatility in market information can be a golden opportunity if you learn how to manage it efficiently.

Online Sales Toolkit

Turn these scenarios into online resources and references–an online sales toolkit. Your toolkit should be brief, single topic, easily to reference (i.e., links in a client email or email signature) “what does this mean?” presentations.

Executed smartly this technique can save you time, add value to clients, track client engagement, and even generate new leads.

Mortgage Blog

If you have a little bit of technical skill or can use a simple platform like ActiveRain or WordPress to create your sales mortgage resource center. The architecture of a blog lends itself to all of the requirements:

  • Individual post can be narrowly focused
  • You can easily post responses as you get questions
  • It is simple to email a link to the appropriate post
  • Blogs do most of the SEO heavy-lifting to bring in new leads
  • Builds trust and credibility in you as an expert

A blog can also become a great aggregator point for other tools you spread around the Internet…breadcrumbs as Andy Kaufman of calls them.

I also like to use to build sales tools. The very nature of a deck slides makes it a great format to educate a client or introduce yourself to a new prospect.

I won’t spend too much time on how to execute this strategy well. All I need to do is point you to the master: @PatKitano.

Look at Pat’s SlideShare space and you will learn how to build an arsenal of presentations that will make you money–converting prospects, adding value for clients, and generating new opportunities.

Facebook Page

Now, I will confess I am a novice at Facebook and I still get lost in trying to make it work in my sales process, but it is critical to learn. I have heard numerous folks swear by the business development opportunity in Facebook.

To help you on your way to learning how to leverage this format in your sales toolkit I will point to another master: @tyr. Take a look at how Dustin Luther has been effectively using Facebook Pages to generate and facilitate communities.

Anyone that has been involved in a passionate community can tell you this is a powerful force. Not only can you harness the hearts and minds of a lot of eyeballs, but their user generated content and leadership will yield you an evangelical sales force.

Where are Your Online Tools?

These are only a few examples of how to build online sales tools. What are other ways you have built content or resources to assist your prospects, clients, and lead generation?

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