Trulia v. Zillow SEO battle. Local Real Estate SERPs, Do You Care?

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An interesting battle royale whipped up on Twitter over the last week or so–the “SEO merits of Trulia versus Zillow.” Maybe the better question is why does it matter? Or, what is SEO and this SERPs character they keep talking about?

My guess is 95% of real estate and mortgage brokers make a living with out the foggiest clue. And, that may be the best way to win the SEO battle. Although, some would argue that a real estate TEA party is in order.

Here is my case (applies equally to real estate and mortgage):

  1. If you write about your local area,
  2. If you photograph your local area,
  3. If you talk to/interview local people,
  4. If you cover local events,
  5. If you highlight local businesses, you will…

Blow the doors off Trulia and Zillow in SEO (who cares if you don’t know what it is), leads, and conversion. Give people what they are looking for, like “Denver homes” or even better “modern homes in Denver” and you will not be competing with Trulia or Zillow.

Proof: Denver homes and modern homes in Denver SERPs–no Trulia or Zillow.

Point is: Trulia and Zillow are great at what they do. Let them help you with your business. But, if you want to corner the online market for your local area–you have 100% control.

BTW, if you want to read how the Modern Homes in Denver coupe was pulled on Trulia and Zillow learn from the architect:

Hey, at the very least you know what SEO and SERPs are–now forget them and get back to being helpful to your clients!

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