An Unofficial NAMB Regulatory Update on HVCC – Oh, And A Call To Action For All Of Us NAMB Bashers.

Many of us have been openly critical of NAMB over the past few years, and I’ve certainly been one of them.  I’m about to tell you something that you likely are unaware of:

NAMB is out there busting their rear ends to keep you in business.

Did you know that NAMB President Marc Savitt conducted a one-on-one meeting with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo this past week?  Neither did I until yesterday – and it was mere coincidence that I learned of his meeting.

Are you a NAMB Basher?

I guess you could call me a card carrying NAMB Basher.  After all, I’ve said more negative things about NAMB publicly than I’ve said positive things.  In the process, I’ve figured something out:  I am not doing anyone any favors by complaining unless I’m willing to become part of the solution.  You see, NAMB is a volunteer organization.  For it to be successful, it requires the involvement and participation of its constituents.  Here are a few quick and easy steps on how you can get involved – and become part of the solution.

1)  Are you a Member of your Trade Association?

It amazes me how many NAMB Bashers are out there that aren’t even dues paying members.  As far as I’m concerned, you’re part of the problem and you need to do either one of two things:

a)  Join NAMB today or

b)  Shut up until you’ve satisfied point a).  In my mind, you have no right to criticize an organization’s shortcomings when the greater shortcoming lies within.  And if you’re a NAMB member, maybe you can go that extra step further and find out if your supply chain are NAMB members:  appraisers, title companies, credit companies, etc.  For NAMB to succeed, it needs our funds and our participation.

NAMB Has A Communication Problem That’s About To Be Solved.

Put yourself in Marc Savitt’s shoes for a minute.  You’re a mortgage professional out of Martinsburg, WV with a primary responsibility to run a mortgage business and provide for your family.  Oh, and by the way, you’re also responsible for representing an industry that the mainstream media single-handedly blames for the economic crisis we’re experiencing right now.  So you spend half your life in an airplane touring the country.  You get beat up by regulators one day and your constituents the next.  And each day, you’re asked to put that smile on your face and dodge bullets.  Just think about the life of Marc Savitt right now.  Would you want his job?

My answer:  hell no.  I feel sorry for the guy.  And today I’m officially becoming part of the solution.

Mr. Savitt, what can I do to help you?

Marc, welcome to the wonderful world of “Web 2.0″.  It’s intimidating at first, and it takes time to find your style.  But you won’t find a better platform to drum up awareness and support for a common cause.  I’m asking you to embrace this medium and make it a small part of your day.

Help Me Help You!

When I think about the life of Marc Savitt, I always come back to this classic 20-second clip from the movie Jerry Maguire.  It really says it all. If you’re out there reading this, let’s send a welcome message to Marc Savitt. Let him know you read this article and you’re appreciative of what he’s doing for you.