Confessions of an A.D.D. Loan Officer Part I

“How Many A.D.D. kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?Kid_on_bike


…wanna go ride a bike?


If you don’t have days like this – pleassseeee skip the rest of this post series – it’s not for you.  Not only will it confuse the living daylights out of you, but you will wonder how such people could even function outside of a padded room.

For the rest of you – “hey guys… this way…” welcome to the:

Confessions of an A.D.D. LO

Part I

Not sure if this is you?  Take this simple test to find out if you are an A.D.D. LO.

Have you ever;

  • Forgotten if you have put the Splenda in your coffee or not yet – wait this tastes like tea…
  • Walked into the Operations Manager’s office… and forgot why you left yours.
  • Picked up the phone, dialed, hear ringing – and can’t remember who you are calling.
  • Bought a new system to “fix” your business – then realize you already own that system when you got back home.
  • Gotten half way through a closing and realized… “this is not my closing.”

Ok, so the last one is a little extreme, but if you said yes to any of the above – especially the last one, then you just might be an A.D.D. LO.

Admitting your affliction is not only a scary step – it is a freeing one as well.  Go ahead, say it.

I am an A.D.D. LO.” – “I am an A.D.D. LO.” – “I am an A.D.D. LO.”

See?  Now doesn’t that feel better? [Wait, what was I talking about again?] Oh, right… admitting you get distracted by shiny-objects.

Knowing is half the battle.

Part II will cover the real meat-and-potatoes – potatos[?] – po-tah-tos[?] of how to, not only function as a normal human being, but how to get things done and done well in your day-to-day mortgage practice.

Go to Part II [without passing go]


Chris the Implementer