Confessions of an A.D.D. Loan Officer Part II

If you have not yet read Part I, it will make more sense if you do.  Don’t worry there is a link back here at the end of it. =0)

Confessions of an A.D.D. Loan Officer Part II

Now for the real meat-and-potatoes – potatos[?] – po-tah-tos[?] of how to, not only function as a normal human being, but how to get things done and done well in your day-to-day mortgage practice.  Here it is, are you ready?

Airline wreck Simplify… it is easy to focus on the wrong things. [How do you think I know that!?]

 For Pete’s sake [who is Pete anyway?] we have just gotten to darn complicated.  We chase this product, that system, and yet another solution when the tools for success are right next to us, in fact – they have been there all along.  [It was coffee by the way – it just tasted like tea because you lost count as you were putting the scoops of grains in the maker.] 

 Here is a new idea.  QUIT TRYING TO DO 1000 THINGS!

 What most of us need is not a new idea, but to stick with one and really squeeze all the life out of it

Have you ever done that?  I mean really stuck with one idea and worked it and worked it and worked it!?

So a question that arises is this, “What ‘ONE IDEA’ should I focus on in this New World of real estate, Chris”.  As you can imagine that answer is not a one-size-fits-all but finding that answer may be easier than you think.

 The key for me is meeting up with like minded individuals that are still originating – yet are thriving in this marketplace.  That is what the Mortgage Revolution gearsis all about.  It is about hitting the reset button, shaking off all the fluff that we have been fed over the past few years and getting real.

 It is time to see how some people are simply ‘kickin it’ in this business and finding out how to apply in your marketplace.  Take inventory.  Analyze where your business is.  For me an event like this is not about finding that next “shiny object” – if it is for you… stay home.   It should be just the opposite… discovering which shiny object you already have that is the one to squeeze the life out of.

 You have made it this far through the toughest market that most have seen, congratulations. You are part of the top 30% simply by attrition.  To make it to – or stay in the – Top 10% of those remaining won’t be as easy.  The cream of the crop are all that are left, so picking up your game is a must.

 Trying to do it alone is foolhardy – network with those that are making it and the whole game gets easier.  Not only is it the best way for most people, but it is the only way for the typical A.D.D. LO to remain successful in the new world of mortgage origination.

As my friend Mark Madsen says, “Just keeping it real”.


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