Origniators Giving Back–Mortgage Revolution New York

Despite the industry news, bad press and other negative talking points, there are many in the mortgage industry giving back.

Mortgage Revolution is about leaders teaching leaders. Mortgage originators who are in the field ever day helping clients training other originators what is working in today’s market.

Some of the past speakers have been

Mortgage Revolution is committed to putting on the industry’s finest sharing and teaching experiences for originators while donating all proceeds to charity. The event in New York will be the final event of the year and should be the catalyst for any originator truly committed to their industry.

The organizers and founders listed below have been the inspiration for these events.

Media Partners:

If you are in the business and feel this is truly your career of choice, Mortgage Revolution is one event you can’t afford to miss.

If you are searching for a home, home loan or just simply reading this and are shopping, ask if YOUR Loan Officer is traveling to New York for the industries greatest teaching, learning and sharing experience. I look forward to seeing you in Tarrytown.

Drapes & Blinds Might Be a Seller Concession-Who Knew?

Okay, this is just a heads up–but check with your lender.  Looks like Fannie is using this little-known rule as “buy-back” leverage. 

So, I’ve seen a trend lately from several of the big lenders…that curtains, drapes, blinds are considered personal property.  Who knew– but in reviewing Fannie’s Underwriting Guidelines, looks that they added something about it in 2007. 

So, here’s the dealio…if it’s mentioned in the purchase agreement (and most PA’s already have the wording as part of the agreeement anyway)  it’s supposed to be treated as personal property, the appraiser must make a comment and deduct the value of the window covering from the value of the home.  If NOTHING is mentioned, they it’s assumed that they are NOT leaving the window treatments. 

…I’m just saying it’s just another thing to watch out for!

Confessions of an A.D.D. Loan Officer Part II

If you have not yet read Part I, it will make more sense if you do.  Don’t worry there is a link back here at the end of it. =0)

Confessions of an A.D.D. Loan Officer Part II

Now for the real meat-and-potatoes – potatos[?] – po-tah-tos[?] of how to, not only function as a normal human being, but how to get things done and done well in your day-to-day mortgage practice.  Here it is, are you ready?

Airline wreck Simplify… it is easy to focus on the wrong things. [How do you think I know that!?]

 For Pete’s sake [who is Pete anyway?] we have just gotten to darn complicated.  We chase this product, that system, and yet another solution when the tools for success are right next to us, in fact – they have been there all along.  [It was coffee by the way – it just tasted like tea because you lost count as you were putting the scoops of grains in the maker.] 

 Here is a new idea.  QUIT TRYING TO DO 1000 THINGS!

 What most of us need is not a new idea, but to stick with one and really squeeze all the life out of it

Have you ever done that?  I mean really stuck with one idea and worked it and worked it and worked it!?

So a question that arises is this, “What ‘ONE IDEA’ should I focus on in this New World of real estate, Chris”.  As you can imagine that answer is not a one-size-fits-all but finding that answer may be easier than you think.

 The key for me is meeting up with like minded individuals that are still originating – yet are thriving in this marketplace.  That is what the Mortgage Revolution gearsis all about.  It is about hitting the reset button, shaking off all the fluff that we have been fed over the past few years and getting real.

 It is time to see how some people are simply ‘kickin it’ in this business and finding out how to apply in your marketplace.  Take inventory.  Analyze where your business is.  For me an event like this is not about finding that next “shiny object” – if it is for you… stay home.   It should be just the opposite… discovering which shiny object you already have that is the one to squeeze the life out of.

 You have made it this far through the toughest market that most have seen, congratulations. You are part of the top 30% simply by attrition.  To make it to – or stay in the – Top 10% of those remaining won’t be as easy.  The cream of the crop are all that are left, so picking up your game is a must.

 Trying to do it alone is foolhardy – network with those that are making it and the whole game gets easier.  Not only is it the best way for most people, but it is the only way for the typical A.D.D. LO to remain successful in the new world of mortgage origination.

As my friend Mark Madsen says, “Just keeping it real”.


Chris the Implementer – The Home of Orlando FHA Loans

Confessions of an A.D.D. Loan Officer Part I

“How Many A.D.D. kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?Kid_on_bike


…wanna go ride a bike?


If you don’t have days like this – pleassseeee skip the rest of this post series – it’s not for you.  Not only will it confuse the living daylights out of you, but you will wonder how such people could even function outside of a padded room.

For the rest of you – “hey guys… this way…” welcome to the:

Confessions of an A.D.D. LO

Part I

Not sure if this is you?  Take this simple test to find out if you are an A.D.D. LO.

Have you ever;

  • Forgotten if you have put the Splenda in your coffee or not yet – wait this tastes like tea…
  • Walked into the Operations Manager’s office… and forgot why you left yours.
  • Picked up the phone, dialed, hear ringing – and can’t remember who you are calling.
  • Bought a new system to “fix” your business – then realize you already own that system when you got back home.
  • Gotten half way through a closing and realized… “this is not my closing.”

Ok, so the last one is a little extreme, but if you said yes to any of the above – especially the last one, then you just might be an A.D.D. LO.

Admitting your affliction is not only a scary step – it is a freeing one as well.  Go ahead, say it.

I am an A.D.D. LO.” – “I am an A.D.D. LO.” – “I am an A.D.D. LO.”

See?  Now doesn’t that feel better? [Wait, what was I talking about again?] Oh, right… admitting you get distracted by shiny-objects.

Knowing is half the battle.

Part II will cover the real meat-and-potatoes – potatos[?] – po-tah-tos[?] of how to, not only function as a normal human being, but how to get things done and done well in your day-to-day mortgage practice.

Go to Part II [without passing go]


Chris the Implementer

Free Mortgage Marketing Resources

digital-worldIf you take a moment to search through the archives of Lenderama, you’ll find several posts addressing the use of graphics on your blogs, websites, etc. While a well placed image can certainly help boost your conversions as well as the readability of the page, there’s a right way, and a wrong way to go about finding compelling imagery for your site.

Many loan officers will grab any picture they see on the web and place it on their website. While this may seem to be the easiest way to dress your site up, it is often the illegal way as well. Just as you’d never take a photo from someone else and hang it on your wall, web imagery is often protected by copyright, licensing laws, etc – unless otherwise noted.

So what’s a budding web  mortgage marketer to do when it comes time to dress up a blog post or page? Here are some free resources for you:




Each of the above sites allows you to browse through tens, and even hundreds of thousands of images to find something that will fit your site or blog. (Yep, the image I posted came from one of the above sites)

Bookmark or save links to the sites above and use them as needed. Won’t cost you a dime! Make it a great week!

Chad Weber

Loan Officer Marketing Lab

Proven Script to Get Realtor Respect

Yesterday we talked about “Marketing Grenades” – A way to get noticed by your target market. Today the conversation steers to how to get realtors to respect you… Quickly.

See, many loan officers focus their marketing efforts on trying to lure the agent in with promise after promise after promise, not realizing that most agents are not even close to taking you seriously. It’s a lot like spam. You get a bunch of claims that SOUND good in theory:

– 10k in 24 hours

– Quit your job next week and never work again

– Make 6 figures per month every month

– I need to transfer 100 million to a U.S. bank, I’ll give you 20% (I get so many of these!)

Admit it, 6 figures per month sounds good doesn’t it? But would you take that email serious for even a second? Why not? Because you know better. Just as realtor’s have learned to “know better” than to take most loan officers seriously.

As long as you’re not being viewed with respect, your marketing messages are flowing right into 1 ear, and directly out the other more often than not.
So how do you change this unpleasant sequence of events? Have a look at the script I used. Download it, feel free to use it or modify it to fit your own marketing tools.

Script: http://www.loanofficermarketinglab.com/realtorrespect.pdf

It’s meant to be used with the video, but have a look and pay close attention to why it worked. Respect… Make it a great one!

CW – Loan Officer Marketing Lab -

Marketing For Mortgage Leads: Using Grenades

So I released a 17 minute video this morning called “Mortgage Marketing Grenades.” I thought it was a fitting title for the concept. What is a marketing grenade you ask? It’s a marketing campaign that is loud enough to cut through all the other noise, it affects more than 1 prospect at a time, and it makes an impact on the target market.

That’s over-simplifying it, but you can see how these goals can certainly contribute to the success of your marketing campaign. “1 at a time” marketing can really bleed your pipeline dry when you’re operating in a tough market such as this one. Group marketing is far more effective when things get “sticky.”

Here’s a free guide that walks you through a marketing strategy I applied years ago to get real estate agents to acutally take the time to speak with me instead of rushing me out of the office. Nothing complex, but it worked like a charm:

Here’s the sample

Enjoy, and make it your best week yet!

CW – Loan Officer Marketing Lab

HVCC is Up and Running. How's it Going?

Appraisers Gone Wild - The Car
Image by enignot via Flickr

Well, the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC)–the brain-child of New York Attorny General Andrew Cuomo–is fully underway in the mortgage and real estate market.

I thought this would be a great time to survey (Google-style) loan officers and real estate brokers.

Here are a few of the most interesting:

Updates from Loan Officers, Real Estate Brokers, and Appraisers

If you have already blogged you experience with HVCC–DM me on Twitter with the link and I will add it here ASAP.

Community What is REALLY going on with HVCC?

I would love to collect feet on the street feedback on the operational reality of HVCC–loan officers, appraisers, real estate brokers, home buyers, homeowners.

Please add your perspectives as a comment.

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