Mortgage Blogging: What's In It for Me?

Most mortgage professionals are skeptical about Mortgage Blogging.  To most, it looks like a waste of time.  If you’re in this camp, don’t feel bad. I was too for 2 1/2 years.

In the video below, Mark Madsen and I set out to explain the benefits of Mortgage Blogging.  This event is the first of many online classes being brought to you free of charge by NAMB.

If you’re a NAMB member – thank you!  Maybe you could bring aboard one more member in your town, perhaps a vendor?  If you’re not a NAMB member, will you please join today?  They are fighting the good fight for you – and for the consumer.

Answer Borrowers' Mortgage Questions

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Image via CrunchBase, the first community devoted to helping homeowners get the best mortgage rate, recently launched SmartHippo Answers.

This is a great opportunity for our community to help borrowers and position yourself as a mortgage expert. Nothing markets trust and credibility better than helping people with questions.

In order to make this as simple as possible I have added a feed of the latest questions coming in from and the right sidebar. If you see something you can help with–simply click and answer!

This is George Favvas, CEO of explaining a little more about

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Social Networking For Loan Officers

So we’ve been chatting about social networking here on Day #3. There’s been alot of talk about sites such as Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace and others. (Active Rain and LinkedIn as well) The big question out there seems to be whetehr or not this is a profitable use of your time. Here’s my take on the subject:

– Anything that can expand your Sphere Of Influence gets a big thumbs up from me

– Anything that can become viral gets another thumbs up

– Any tool can be abused and drain your time – Smart time management is required

– Never try to use social networking as an excuse to ignore offline networking and prospecting efforts

I only recently began using these tools to market the Loan Officer Marketing Lab, but I’ve been using “the big 3″ for the last few years to market my web development firm. Let me tell you… It works – but it must be managed as a database tool.

I view people as my only true asset in business. If no one is there to hear my marketing message, then what is the point of being in business. If I have a group of people ready and willing to hear what I have to say, then no matter what I’m selling, I have a pre-built audience. The competion who ignores building a database, and online “audience” will always be 30 steps behind you since every time they wish to bring in more business, they have to market to cold groups as opposed to warm.

That’s the beauty of social networking – It builds your audience, it exposes you to more people you otherwise never would have had an opportunity to market to, and it’s relatively painless to build. Use these tools in a respectful manner, and you’ll soon grow to love social networking as well. Here’s a handy little guide we posted to the blog this morning:

Make it a great one!

CW – Loan Officer Marketing Lab