Using Social Media to Update and Set Expectations with Clients

I remember in the glory days of the mortgage refinance boom client communications was a huge focus. You had to constantly communicate and educate your clients to keep them from being sniped by a competitor pitching a lower payment or exotic product. Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of something that shows me those days are back, but for different reasons.

Mortgages are harder than ever to get. Even if you are qualified the queue is long and painful. This is causing enormous anxiety in your customers. Anxiety that can make them wander.

Here is the Twitter message I saw:

client communications with social media

Why is this message so important? Well, first you should be following pros like @mortgagereports and reading their blogs because they will make you more successful. But, second and most important here is that Dan Green is showing the masterful art of client communications and setting expectations.

I think it was Dan himself that once told me, “clients are always in a panic.” Isn’t this true?

Think about your current sales pipeline. You have someone trying to jump in on the low rate, fighting to get refinanced before they are hit with a potential lay-off, needing to sell a home to take a new job. This market is full of panic and anxiety. Unfortunately, this can trigger bad wandering client behavior–for you and them.

Social media makes a very scaleable way to keep those panicked and anxious clients informed and set their expectation for the process. Foreshadowing the sales process is critical in keeping customer happy even in tough sales cycles.

I have seen several great examples of how Realtors and mortgage brokers are using social networks and social media statuses to set expectations and keep clients informed.

What are you doing to communicate with your clients in this tough market? Comments, please.

Here is one suggestion:

mortgage customer communication

Tom Vanderwell is another good mortgage loan officer to follow and read for great client communications.

Share your ideas on client communication strategies with the Lenderama community by commenting below. I can’t wait to hear what makes you successful.

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