If I were NAR's Social Media Manager

First, a few notes. This post has nothing to do with the mortgage industry. I don’t want to waste your time if that’s why you’re here.

Second, I talked with Hilary Marsh for a few minutes about this position. I think she knows what’s best for NAR and will probably choose a candidate based on their needs, not RE.net’s desires. This is just my opinion as to how I would craft the position from the perspective of an NAR outsider and an RE.net insider.

Finally, I’ve applied for this position. The following post is admittedly self serving to my strengths. If you think NAR should go a different way, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

1. I’d get hired quickly. The NAR Convention is just a couple weeks away. It’s the perfect place to announce the hire. Not at the convention, but at Bloodhound Unchained. Really, what better place to announce a Social Media Manager than at a social media conference for real estate agents?

2. I’d beg Greg to let me speak at Unchained. But not about NAR. I’d speak about how Realtors can leverage social media. Because that’s what they’re paying for. I’d actually rarely speak abut NAR, but more on that later.

3. I’d take a long hard look at NAR’s leadership. Determine their willingness/competence to participate in social media and evaluate the possible strengths of each member.

4. I’d build a training system to show NAR’s leadership; how, when and where to participate. This job will work best if I’m allowed to perform more like Karl Rove than Dana Perino. NAR’s leadership already knows NAR’s policies and vision, they just need to know how to communicate it.

5. I’d build a monitoring system that crawls RE.net, looking for blog posts that deserve NAR’s attention.

6. I’d build a manual submission platform that allowed RE.net to submit blog posts or articles that they felt deserved NAR’s attention.

7. I’d build an internal communication platform to share content from points 5 & 6 with NAR leadership. This platform would include a commenting system to discuss who, how, or if the content needs a response.

8. Upon establishing the most competent writers for the positions, I would market the best NAR bloggers as contributors to sites like BloodHound Blog, Agent Genius, Geek Estate, and Inman News. It’s fantastic that NAR has it’s own blogs, but to truly engage RE.net, they will need to contribute to it outside of NAR’s walls.

9. I would create an advisory council of RE.net thought leaders to discuss how NAR can benefit them best.

10. I’d take the same training program built for NAR leadership, and offer it to state chapter leaders.

11. I’d continue to tweet about my puppy on Twitter.

12. I’d still be found most nights bangin’ tunes on Blip.

13. I would not be concerned about becoming the voice of NAR on RE.net because I’d be showing others how to do it.

14. I’d establish a educational/awareness program to help real estate bloggers perform to the REALTOR standard.

15. I’d spend way more time than I think NAR has envisioned, OFFLINE.

16. I would enlist top RE bloggers to speak at local events on the benefits of social media. Many of these first movers are motivated to share their expertise. They’re looking for exposure. NAR can give that to them.

17. I’d offer my expertise as an authority on social media to any NAR or NAR affiliate event that wanted me. Most local boards don’t even know who to ask about teaching social media workshops. The best possible way to engage RE.net’s growing ranks is to be a resource in helping agents adapt to this medium.

18. I’d get behind RE BarCamp is a BIG, BIG way. This is a massive opportunity to connect. I’d organize events in Chicago, Seattle, Denver, and New York. If someone else doesn’t do it first, I’d organize one before SXSW in Austin. RE BarCamp in San Diego, 2009 during the convention is a no brainer.

19. I’d attend Unchained, Inman Connect, REBlogWorld, RE Tech South, and whatever new RE.net conferences pop up.

20. Finally, I’d still be tcar. The guy with the crazy ninja mask. Proud member of the twitterati. But also the guy who spent the last three and a half years building a blog about the mortgage industry that’s positive. Let’s face it. This has not exactly been a positive time. But here I am. I’m as bullish as Lawrence Yun. I don’t care if the whole world is going up in flames. I know how to move forward.

There’s a recipe for winning the hearts and minds of RE.net. The above is not the entire recipe, but a good start. I don’t think it’s what NAR has in mind. Whether or not I’m qualified for what NAR is looking for is best left up to NAR. But that’s my 2 cents.

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