How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Post Christmas is always a great time to do some personal clothes shopping. I took advantages of the sales this weekend to bolster my wardrobe in preparation for my trip to New York City next week.

I have a huge smile on my face tonight. The picture below is the reason why.

Yes, paying $10 bucks for a $48 pair of pants is nice, but I’m more happy about the 36X30 part. Last year, at this same time, 40X30’s no longer fit. I purchased one pair of pants sized 42X30 and made the most typical of resolutions. To loose weight in 2008.

I haven’t had a size 36 inch waist since I was a sophomore in high school. If I had set today’s accomplishment last year, it might have been, no… it would have been far to daunting of a challenge to accomplish. I would have given up.  Instead, I made one, simple resolution, with a promise to myself that I would set another once the first was mastered.

I resolved to stop eating candy bars.

That’s it. My only resolution. Later, I cut (for the most part) Cheetos and Potato chips. Then French Fries. By summer I added daily walks to the regimen. Then I resolved adjust my meals. Eating at least one super low calorie meal a day. Then I adjusted again to two low calorie meals. Then, in September, I joined 24 Hour Fitness.

Today, nothing fits. Really, nothing. Anyone need a closet full of XXL shirts? I’ve given a bunch of stuff to Good Will. It’s a great problem to have. People who follow me on twitter are asking how I did it. So are my relatives. I ask them, “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

My friend Poppy’s making resolutions, I think resolutions and goal setting is a good thing. But, considering our environment, with our hole industry turned upside down, consider making just one resolution (whatever it is) with the promise that once you have mastered that one, you’ll move on to another.

Sticking it out as a loan officer right now is a little like eating an elephant. But you can do it if you like. Start with just one bite.